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We are pleased to confirm the arrangement for TAXEDUP to provide the following services where applicable to you:

  • Income Tax
  • Pay As you Earn (PAYE)
  • Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Bookkeeping
  • General Services

This letter is to set forth the terms and objectives of our proposed engagement and the nature and limitations of the services Taxedup will provide to you until mutually changed.

All correspondence received via e-mail, post, hand-deliver, short message services (SMS), whatsapp will automatically accept the terms and conditions set out below.

Value Added Tax (VAT) services

You have requested us to assist you in completion and submission to the South African Revenue Services (SARS) of your VAT returns, to submit the returns according to the time specifications that SARS has stipulated, and to review related tax assessments for correctness.

The Value Added Tax (VAT) service is available as one product, separate fees will not be raised for sub sections of the service, and include the following activities:

  • P.O. Box facilities for all Value Added Tax matters;
  • Completion and submission of Bi-monthly tax returns;
  • Calculation, completion and submission of the said returns;
  • Checking of value added tax assessment; and
  • Reconciliation of Value Added Tax (VAT) liability.

The service excludes the following activities/time spent:

  • Enquiries from SARS;
  • Notification of complaints and reasoning of faulty returns;
  • Organising of instalments;
  • Procuring of information and exemption certificates;
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) calculations;
  • Any other services not listed above.

The work to be performed will be based on our interpretation of the tax laws at the relevant time. These tax laws are subject to change occasioned by future legislative amendments and court decisions. You are cautioned to keep abreast of such developments and are welcome to engage our services again for this purpose .We confirm that it is your responsibility to provide us with complete, reliable and accurate information in respect of your tax affairs in order for us to provide the required services.

It should be noted that all tax returns are filed on an electronic basis using the SARS eFiling system, and in this regard we require for Taxedup to register as an eFiler on your behalf. Once this is done the following terms and conditions in regard to eFiling shall apply:

  • Taxedup, the eFiler, acts as a duly authorized agent on your behalf (we therefore require a signed power of attorney if requested by SARS);
  • You will be liable to SARS for the due and timeous fulfillment of all your obligations to SARS;
  • Any information submitted by Taxedup to SARS by means of the eFiling service will be based on information received from you and you are responsible for ensuring that such information is true and correct;
  • Before we submit any information to SARS by means of E-filing service we will need your confirmation that all information being submitted is true and correct reflection of what you have provided;
  • Where SARS changes the E-filing provisions on their website you will be notified within a reasonable period of time.

Value Added Tax (VAT) computation services

You have requested us to assist you in the computation of taxable income in respect of each accounting period in accordance with the provisions of the Value Added Tax (VAT) Act. Subject to your approval, this will then be submitted to SARS after completion of the tax return.

The fee charged for the Value Added Tax (VAT) computation service will be based on time spent in this regard. The following are typical activities of the Value Added Tax (VAT) computation services:

  • Computation of vatable income;
  • Respond to any queries raised by the assessor on the computations;
  • Reporting to you and advising as necessary on any contentious or disputed matters, whereupon we shall negotiate the agreement of the figures and advise you of liabilities and due dates of payment.
  • Lodge notices of objection against excessive or incorrect assessments when such assessment notices are received by us;
  • Objections against assessments are subject to statutory time limits and it is important to ensure that assessment notices and other official notices from the SARS are forwarded to us immediately on receipt.
  • Where appropriate, we shall also advise as to appropriate provisional tax payments.

We shall be pleased to advise you generally on matters relating to the normal tax liability, the implications of particular transactions, and on related matters which you refer to us, such as employee benefits and pensions (e.g. fringe benefits, share option arrangements, salary structures, pension schemes). You will appreciate that tax planning and advice of even the highest standard are based on interpretation of the law and experience with the SARS. Therefore, the conclusions reached and views expressed are often matters of opinion rather than of certainty.

We confirm that it is your responsibility to provide us with complete and accurate information in respect of your taxation affairs. It is not our responsibility to ensure that you provide all relevant information to the SARS.

Kindly note, that the responsibility for signing all returns rest with the Public Officers.

Taxedup takes no responsibility for any faults made by SARS whatsoever.

If the SARS has not recorded our address as your official postal address, or if we did not receive all your required documentation with sufficient time to accommodate the process, we cannot be held responsible for any penalties or interest on the late submission of returns or late payments of any taxes if the returns, assessments, and other relevant documents were not timeously presented to us for action.

Our fees will be exclusive of VAT.

Our fees are payable on presentation. We will be entitled to charge interest on all amounts outstanding, for whatsoever reason, for more than 30 days from the date of presentation of our fee note at the maximum rate allowed by law. Such interest will be calculated on a monthly basis. All payments will be allocated first as to interest, then as to outlays, then as to the longest outstanding fee.

In the event that invoices are not settled within 30 days of presentation, we reserve the right to charge compound interest monthly at 2% until the debt is settled.

The fee is non-refundable and you undertake to pay our fees without right of setoff on presentation of our invoice.

Without prejudice to any rights that we may have in law we reserve the right to suspend or terminate the performance of service or any part thereof to you immediately, at any time, with notice, should payment of any of our fees be overdue.

If in future you do not intend using our service, you must please notify us in writing and also notify SARS of your new address.

We may choose to communicate with you by electronic mail / short message services / whatsapp or internet where an authorised person wishes us to do so, on the basis that in consenting to this method of communication, you accept the inherent risks of such communications (including the security risks of interception of or unauthorised access to such communications, the risks of corruption of such communications, the risk of errors or loss of information and the risks of viruses or other harmful devices) and that you will perform virus checks. We will use commercially reasonable procedures to check for the most commonly known viruses before sending information electronically.