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Income Tax – Individuals

Individual Services Price (Excluding VAT)
Checking Auto Assessments Form R450.00
Basic (RA & Med) Form R850.00
Rental Prop 1 Form R1,250.00
Rental Prop 2 Form R1,450.00
Travel (Basic Excluding Logbook) Form R1,050.00
Sole Proprietor / Independent Contractors Form R1,950.00
Estate Agents / Commission Earners Form R1,650.00
Home Office Claims Form R1,350.00
Zero Submission(No IRP5/Income) Form R450.00
Foreign Income Form R1,650.00
12 * Monthly rate - Basic Form R250.00
12 * Monthly rate - Medium Form R350.00
12 * Monthly rate - Complex Form R450.00
12 * Monthly rate - TBA Form R650.00
Provisional Tax
Submission Feb Form R550.00
Submission Aug Form R550.00
Additional Work
Audit Form R850.00
Objection Form R1,250.00
Appeal Form R1,950.00
Layout change Form R550.00
1 Vehicle Calc assist Form R650.00
2 Vehicle Calc assist Form R850.00
3 Vehicle Calc assist Form R1,050.00
Tax Clearance Form R450.00
Tax Directive Form R1,050.00
Fixed Hourly Rate - Other Form R950.00
General Advise or Meetings Form R550.00
Tax Registrations Form R550.00
Confirmation of Earings or related letters Form R850.00